Aamrai Plan

Aamrai Plan

We are presenting this credible innovative initiative for empowerment of the organization through Navjeevan Vikas Seva Sansthan of Raipatan village in Rajapur taluka of Kokan. Five thousand, seven thousand, ten thousand but the amount will be donated to the organization permanently, and they will provide an Alphonso Mango Box with free transport. This scheme is not an investment scheme, a guaranteed interest rate scheme, or a multilevel marketing scheme. The NGO is a funded donation scheme for various service oriented activities, projects - NGOs in Kokan. Kokanbag - Aamrai - Via Kokanbridge scheme will be attended by the donors of the organization, parents, advisors and current clients of our organization.


Highlights of the Aamrai Plan

  • For Indians and non-Indians and any person should pay Rs. 5000 - (Five Thousand Only), Rs. 7000 - (Seven thousand only), Rs. 10,000 - (Ten thousand only) to participate for Amrai project.
  • Free shipping charges without any transportation costs for home parcel.
  • Convenience of various forms available online - offline purchase at Kokan Meva discount rates.
  • Products like Navjeevan Agro Farm are Unpolished Diet Rice, Pure Ghee (made by Gir, Sahiwal, Tharparkar with milk from native cows), Mango Pulp (limited sugar and artificial colors and odorless) are available at home. (Discount 5 percent to 5 percent)
  • Your Aamrai - The convenience of visiting any of your emerald Mango Crops.
  • There is a facility for memorializing the name of your loved one on a pillar built under your adopted tree.
  • Involvement in any one family, kindship.

Viniyog Institute plans to build two Aamrai Kokan in Raipatan village in Rajapur taluka. The work of one of these gardens has also started. It is planned to invest 5000 Alphonso Mango buds from this fund. Ideas - Alphonso Mangoes are sent from Konkan to Devgad (Sindhudurg), Ratnagiri and around the world. Many people say that the Alphonso Mango in Konkan has water, but the rates of Alphonso Mango are always beyond the reach of ordinary people. At the very end of the mango season, Rs. 300 to Rs. There is a rate of 500 copies per dozen. The adultery of the Karnataka Alphonso is just a matter of routine. Generally the following 4/5 news stories are viewed in different formats, in different ways - we read - hear and tell ...

  • Konkan mangoes are cultured ... Carbide / Carboxyl is grown by powder ... Chemical spraying etc
  • The traditional taste of Alphonso Mango is gone ... Fruit size is reduced. Nevertheless, the Alphonso Mango box in December-January charges above Rs. 15,000 / -
  • Alphonso Mangoes are out of the reach of ordinary customers ... Gold prices to mangoes ... Alphonso of the poor is now home to the rich.
  • Mango Farm - In the custody of the brokers - Farmers in Alphonso Farm - Lakhapatti - Millions of gardeners - turnover of crores, etc.

The news in this case is factual. As the arrival of the fruit racha, the prices of the other fruits fall. In the sky, the heart of Alphonso erupts a faint, aromatic aroma. Relationship with mango fruit is very tight for every eater! Considering all this, the Alphonso Mango Farm 'Aamrai' has been introduced to the family by the name of Kokanbag.

No. Payment amount Mango Boxes last Date The number of fruits Available services and discounts
1 Rs - 5000 12 years after payment A dozen boxes– 5 years
2 dozen boxes– 4 years
4 dozen boxes – 3 years
Members of this option will receive our other products at a discounted rate. M.R.P. Up to 15%
2 Rs- 7000 15 years after payment 1 dozen box – 5 years
2 dozen boxes – 5 years
4 dozen boxes – 5 years
Members of this option will receive our other products at a discounted rate. M.R.P. Up to 20%
3 Rs - 10000 20 years after payment 1 dozen box – 6 years
2 dozen boxes – 6 years
4 dozen boxes – 8 years
Our other products to the members of this option are M.R.P. Up to 25% discount on home and travel costs.