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"New Awakening for Agriculture - Konkan Bag"

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A new initiative for the landowners in Konkan, by the developers of the land.
Let’s flourish your land with our efforts.

We help ambitious people who desire to do horticulture or commercial farming by investing in agricultural land in Konkan. Farmhouse is a fantasy for many even today. We not only help you build your own private farmhouse, but we also take care of the property for maintenance.

The Ambitious youth of Konkan Prof. Mahesh Laxman Palsuledesai has developed an innovative concept – Konkanbag. This is a great initiative for all the environmentalists, Agriculture lovers, and people around the world who desire to move towards the village. Shri. Mahesh Palsuledesai's leading firm- “Navjivan Agro Support Services and Consultancy” is talked about with confidence and conviction in the country. If you desire to own a land in Konkan for personal and commercial desires- “Navjivan Agro Support Services and Consultancy” is your dream destination.

We develop the agricultural land as per the owner's aspired design for the land. We assist you grow Hapus Mango, Cashew, Kokum, Coconut, along with various spices and commercial vegetables which are mainstream for the development of the farmland. Konkanbag focuses on investment along with tax savings for your maximum benefits.

Mahesh Palsuledesai Profile Vision of Navjivan Agro Firm

Our Plans

Konkanbag Initiative

Smell of Konkan soil has carved the sky,
The scent of the earth is tangled within the blue sky ..
- Poet Vidyadhar Karandikar (Kankavali Dist. Sindhudurg)

The Konkan region has driven the world crazy with its natural forests and explicit beauty even today. This land of Konkan is turning your dream into reality. This dream project is Konkanbag; Konkanbag- A spacious dream of yours. Konkanbag is a place where you can buy land or invest in commercial farming and spend a comfortable life after retirement in the midst of nature. In this Konkanbag you can farm as you planned all life long. With our help, you will be able to grow your farm as you desire without a hassle.

Features of Konkanbag

  • 1) Contract farming along with a social upliftment via employment generation.
  • 2) Organic farming without the use of chemical fertilizers, sprays, and toxic pesticides.
  • 3) Profitable farming options for investor by retaining ownership rights
  • 4) Guidance of eminent experts, scientists for successful marketing strategies for your agricultural products.
  • 5) Innovative employment and business projects for farmers and consumers to move towards a social cause.

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