Mahesh Palsuledesai Profile

Mahesh Palsuledesai

Mahesh Palsuledesai Profile

Mahesh Palsuledesai is an ambitious youth from Raipatan village in the Ratnagiri district of Konkan. Mahesh Palsuledesai manages 100 acres of land in the most innovative way today through his firm "Navjeevan Agro Support Services & Consultancy".

  • Prof. Mahesh after graduating from Gogte Joglekar College, Ratnagiri, came to Raipatan in 1999. The renowned mantra of Mahatma Gandhi "Let's go back to the village" was indeed a realistic implementation for him. He started his successful journey of commercial farming on a cooperative structure.

  • Mahesh Palsuledesai held the post of Deputy Sarpanch in Raipatan, a village in the eastern part of Rajapur taluka for five consecutive years without any opposition.

  • In 2009, he took the wonderful initiative to established the NGO "Navjivan Vikas Seva Sanstha" working in the field of education and agriculture.

  • Prof. Mahesh has organized numerous workshops on animal husbandry, vegetable cultivation, vegetable cultivation, turmeric and ginger cultivation, dairy farming, organic and natural farming, zero budget farming, horticulture, and fruit processing etc. Prof.Prof. Mahesh in 2011 organized a state-level Govanshapremi Gram Vikas Sammelan in the recognition of indigenous cows. This Sammelan was heald in the presence of Mr. Popatrao Pawar (Sarpanch Hivregaon Bazar Dist. Ahmednagar), Shri. Sunil Mansinghka (Cattle Research Center, Deolapar, Nagpur) and Shri. Adinath in Lanja.

  • Prof. Mahesh has brought together women and the unemployed population of the region in this project. This innovative idea has provided employment to a large section in the form of farm laborers and contractors. Konkanbag organization has brought these people together to work in different sectors of agriculture to support their families.

  • Prof. Mahesh has studied the cash crops of Konkan (such as radish, red leafy vegetables, okra, honey, black-eyed peas, ridge gourd luffa, cucumber, mustard, onion, caraway) and prepared samples for commercial cultivation of these crops. He has also worked intensively in the floriculture sector.

  • Prof. Mahesh cultivated five varieties of strawberries in Konkan with the help of Vidisha Gardens magnificent ideas, a happy customer from the Konkanbag. Prof. Mahesh successfully carried out a successful agriculture and carried out successful marketing. These marketing strategies in Konkan fruits like mango, cashew, kokum, and coconut led to another successful gift box business.