We are Land Buyers - Investor Friends

We are Land Buyers - Investor Friends

Hi, Often our farm ads for Navjeevan Agro are released through various media including social media, when these ads are released there is a question asked, who are you? ..... agent? ... broker? ..... land owner? ... Below is the only way to answer this question. I own the trust of the investors who buy the land on own or through me. I buy the land myself, invest my own money in good, fertile soil and sell the land to myself or to the congregations who want to acquire the land through me or through our firm.

In the current prevailing language, one would call it trading or one would call this type land dealing. My role is different from this, I am thinking of writing this because I have to go beyond all this. As Mahesh Laxman Palsuledesai, I am a true companion, friend and a consultant of a real estate investor in my firm. When my client or investor decides to buy a piece of land in Kokan through our farm, that is, I am their closest associate. I am a witness to the transaction as a trustee as an agent, a land broker, a broker, a consultant to a land buyer, a family member who wants to invest in that land.
The role of a commission agent or land broker end after the deal. I do not oppose these congregations, nor do I want to underestimate the congregations that do this kind of business, but the role of these congregations ends when they receive commissions, brokerage. After the land transaction or the purchase of land in our farm, my business and my colleagues started working. Me and my colleagues (I am happy to say that there is a team of about sixty to seventy people.) We complete the agricultural project by working day and night.

Not only in Konkan but in many places there is a shortage of laborers. The elders of the village are in Mumbai, the Konkan congregation, and many times they have left the village and have become permanent residents for generations. Landowners in some of these congregations in Kokan sell some land for domestic problems. Some of the congregations also go to Mumbai or overseas to sell some of the land in the village, to buy house for themselves, to pay for education, due to jobs, to sell a piece of land for marriage.

Currently we have 65 acres of land under our management, with your help and support, very soon we will reach 100 acres. Many changes are taking place in Kokan. There’s an airport in Kokan which will start around October next year, the railway terminus of Vaibhavwadi is set up in my area, three railway stations (Halt station Saundal, Vilvade, Rajapur Road) are approaching our area in near future.

In a few days, if the Saundal station becomes a fully-extended station on the oncoming Kokan railway route, about two hundred and fifteen villages will be added to this station. Rajapur Kolhapur Road is being constructed through highway repair and widening. Considering all these optimistic things, I urge you to visit this little village, my place in Kokan ... to visit my place of work and visit my work.

In answering your question, I have to tell you a lot about myself. I am a buyer who buys land and resells but I am also a servant of this soil and farmland. This son of the soil is standing with his feet farm in the soil, one who has not run away from Kokan, one who is when away from Kokan without a lock to his house. I think this is enough about me for now, more when we meet.

Waiting for your arrival

  • Prof. Mahesh Laxman Palasuledesai.
  • Starting a Business - Since 2009.
  • Current Customers - 13 Investors.
  • Land in the Work Area – 65 Acer.
  • Age of Mahesh – 35
  • Crop in the ground – Mango, Cashew, Bamboo, Spices, Banana, Coconut. Seasonal Cash Crops.