Innovative Mango Cultivation Scheme

Innovative Mango Cultivation Scheme

The Kokanbag mango cultivation scheme is a collective plan for the collective participation of all, that is, the Alphonso Mangoes of Kokan. While participating in this innovative mango cultivation, Alphonso Crops Cultivation Scheme, a minimum of Rs. 5000 / - (Five thousand only), while the maximum is 10,000 / - (Rs. 10,000 only) will have to be paid first. Further those who participate for 12 years, 15 years, and 20 years they will get 1 mango box free with free home delivary .

Mango Planting

Terms and Conditions

  • Any Indian and non-resident Indian citizen can participate in the scheme by paying the amount provided in the alternative.
  • The person participating in the scheme will have to pay this amount as a donation to the "Navajeevan Vikas Seva Sansthan" (Registration Number Maharashtra 3931 / F3918 Ratnagiri / 2009).
  • Kokanbag Aamrai is an innovative hapus mango planting scheme. Kokanbag has not any kind of investment scheme, interest payment scheme, membership scheme but a fundraising plan for the empowerment and strengthening of a registered NGO "Navjeevan Vikas Seva Sansthan" in Konkan.
  • This is an innovative Alphonso Mango crops plantation Scheme, "Kokanbag Amrai, Konkangate via Konkanbridge Live", this innovative Alphonso Mango cultivation scheme is for a limited time 12 years, 15 years, and 20 years.
  • One of the alternatives set by the organizers can be selected and donate the amount accordingly to the organization.
  • Acknowledgment will be given to the member or person participating in this innovative Alphonso Mango Cultivation Scheme immediately.
  • After participation in the scheme you will not get entry in the membership of Navjeevan Development Services and not able to get involvement in elections.
  • The donor participating in this innovative Alphonso Mango Cultivation Scheme will be given annual information to the organization with previous years audit report and all the information on demand. However, for this information the concerned donor must make his request in writing, orally, message and email. This information report will be available for free viewing at the institution's office. If required by post, pay the postage fee.
  • Under condition number 8 the information mentioned is scanned electronically and will be available for free to all website users to view.
  • At least one and maximum number of members of the same family can participate in the scheme.
  • If the participants of this scheme belong to the same family but not the address of residence, then it will be binding on the participant to provide a separate residence address of each.
  • The participant of the scheme will be required to confirm his / her address, telephone number, time of home contact and communication link in the month of March every year.
  • Contributors to the Scheme Members of the donors will not get any of the products or facilities other than the mango boxes offered under the scheme.
  • The contributing member of the scheme will have to pay for the donation to the agricultural tourist organization by paying all the food, food or transportation. arrangements. No products other than mango fruits mentioned in the plan will be available for free.
  • The donor participating in the scheme will have to opt out of the scheme at the end of the term. It will then depend on the decision of the coordinator to continue or alter the plan.
  • The donor participating in the scheme shall have no direct or indirect ownership or authority over the land, water or any real property in the Alphonso Mango cultivation scheme.
  • The overall implementation of the scheme will be the responsibility of the organizing body. Affidavit will also be required to be filed on behalf of the person who complains against the scheme, will not participate in any such propaganda.
  • All participants of the scheme, all congregations, will be obliged to give amputations to members every year, however, due to severe storms, untimely rains, uncontrolled and unmanageable diseases, strange weather out of control etc., if the mangoes will not grow, then the plan will be postponed for that year.
  • If the donor participating in the scheme recommends that the fruit and mango juice be distributed to any other person, to the member or member of the orphanage, social institution, temple institution - priest, remandhome, hospital etc., then the organizer will arrange such arrangement.
  • The person participating in this innovative mango cultivation scheme will reach the mango box at the address given by the person from April 15 to May 30.
  • As the selection of a maximum of 5000 participant or participant of the scheme participated, the distribution will be completed in a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 steps, leaving it on the computer.
  • A list of dropouts and names will be made available on the website. In addition, the person concerned will be contacted via telephone, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. (Provided that, without any prior notice, the concerned person goes to the parish or without any communication to the concerned person, no communication will be taken by the institution).
  • The person participating in the scheme cannot be terminated for any reason. However, your membership can be transferred. The concerned person shall be obliged to provide the details of the procedure to the organization.
  • The person participating in the scheme shall be bound to sign and sign the mutual agreement. A copy of this mutual agreement shall be kept with both the organizing body and the participating person.
  • Individuals participating in the scheme can use the photographs, the experience of the person and the organizer of the Navjeevan Vikas Seva Sansthan either in private or in public for the fame of the scheme. If for some exceptional reason this is not desired, then it is obligatory to inform the concerned.
  • This Kokanbag Aamrai Innovative Alphonso Mango crops planting scheme will continue for twelve, fifteen, twenty years since you participated. Affidavit of such issue, which has been transmitted to the notary or tahsildar of the Government, in truth, on which the Implementing Coordinator of the scheme with the signature and photo of Mahesh Laxman Palsuledesai. The donation amount will be paid to the participating donor within seven days of receipt.
  • The income from the mango orchard in Kokanbag Alphonso Amrai's innovative mango cultivation scheme will be used for strengthening the Institute of Navjeevan Development Services.
  • During the period of 21 to 25 years under the Kokanbag Amrai Scheme, the entire product development service organization will utilize for itself and from that income the organization will provide the cost for its various service projects and activities.
  • No court matter will be created regarding this Kokanbag Amrai, but if there is any subjective issue, it will be resolved in the Rajapur and Ratnagiri court proceedings.
  • After the completion of the term of the scheme, the Kokanbag Aamrai will be returned to the original landowner for 25 years and a decision will be made according to the present circumstances.

(Our goal is to give all of the above services priority to the landowners. Elsewhere these services will be supplied as per the requirement and the agreement with or relating to the landowner concerned. )

No. Payment amount Mango Boxes last Date The number of Fruits Available Services and Discounts
1 Rs - 5000 12 years after payment A dozen boxes– 5 years
2 dozen boxes– 4 years
4 dozen boxes – 3 years
Members of this option will receive our other products at a discounted rate. M.R.P. up to 15%
2 Rs- 7000 15 years after payment 1 dozen box – 5 years
2 dozen boxes – 5 years
4 dozen boxes – 5 years
Members of this option will receive our other products at a discounted rate. M.R.P. Up to 20%
3 Rs - 10000 20 years after payment 1 dozen box – 6 years
2 dozen boxes – 6 years
4 dozen boxes – 8 years
Our other products to the members of this option are M.R.P. Up to 25% discount on home and travel costs.