Not only in Kokan, but everywhere, labor shortages and the dearth of agriculture, no one seems to be happily turning to the agriculture field. But when some companies set up contract farms or new projects in the village, many want employment on the project. Those looking for a job need to be assured of their security and salary. Against such background we are working on the following concept. To make the project or farm better productive by providing excellent advice and services in agriculture and agribusiness in Kokan, Maharashtra and out of India. To revamp the project showing the superiority of the work by carrying out various related services and support related projects.

Sample of Kokanbag Project:

You will find a sample Kokanbag project in Raipatan. You will need to contact us to review the project and make an appointment in advance. Would you please give us an idea so it would be convenient for communication.
The Kokanbag Project - Outline - The Kokanbag project is under construction. However, we have made a presentation as a general estimate of the current work.

Options – Number 1 - Once you have decided to invest in our project, simply pay the amount once all aspects have been scrutinized. Contract with us for 5 years or 3 years. Relax, Your second term will begin the same year as your garden will start producing commercially. You only pay once for these 5 or 10 years. The productive garden is in your hands.

Options –Number 2 - In this option, you will buy land. Will provide you with a consultation and service plan. Next, you will make your own garden by making every expenditure and operating budget, quotation, work order. Each and every function you make in your own mind and you will be able to monitor your convenience.

Options –Number 3 - In this option, you will easy pay your monthly installment. You can pay 12 or 18 or 24 or 36 installments. Make sure you name your garden as soon as you fill the last installment.

Options –Number 4 - We will create a garden as per your need. You want to buy ready and readymade productive garden. Service charges are as per your discussion.

Collective farmhouse

In these developments we incorporate collective farming into our projects. Suppose in your projects, even if there are 5 or 7 or 9 or 10 owners, not everyone can come together. For this reason, we have the concept of developing a common farm with all the amenities. With this farmhouse, we will be organizing a collective Goshala in the Kokan field. (If you want to own a farm and own a separate farm, you can bring your own free plan to your visit).