Kokanbag Crops – Crop method

Kokanbag Crops – Crop method

We recommend you to purchase crops of your own land –

Fruit Crops

1) Alphonso mango 2) Cashew Nuts 3) Kokam 4) Jackfruit 5) Papaya 6) Banana 7) Chikoo 8) Coconut 9) Guava 10) Amla 11) Pineapple

Entry – These are the fruit crops that are easily grown in Kokan. According to our experience and recommended by our esteemed experts, we prepare the project report and produce it to our esteemed customers in the same way, as per our experience of varieties, cultivation cost, crop subsidy, profitability and other details.

Vegetable Crops

1) Snake gourd 2) Luffa acutangula 3) Cucumber 4) Ivy gourd 5) Bitter-gourd 6) Red pumpkin 7) Bottle gourd 8) Flat bean 9) Black-eyed pea 10) Red Leafy 11) Raddish 12) Coriander 13) Ladies finger 14) Watermelon 15)Sweet Corn

Note – It is important to note that the recommended vegetable recipes are suggested by our firm only after we have marketed it on a practical and commercial basis. If any of our esteemed clients who come to us want to do this kind of orchard farming for this kind of commercial farm or for our daily needs, then we can create such a vegetable and create that kind of profitable project.

Flowers Farm

1)Marigold 2) Mums flowers 3)Tuberose flower 4) Lily

In the Konkan climate, we suggest only the flower crops.


1) Teak 2) Bamboo 3) Gmelina arborea 4) Indian rosewood 5) Indian sandalwood

Spices Garden

The weather in Kokan is directly in the Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Spices crops can be best in Kokan weather. Central Masala Research Center and massive research has been done on the subject of spices in association with Balasaheb Sawant Kokan Agricultural University, Dapoli. In Kokan, various spices gardens have been set up in attractive places. We have developed the concept of spices garden.
We recommend the following spices types of cultivation:
1) Coconut 2) Black Pepper 3) Nutmeg 4) Cinnamon 5)Banana 6) Papaya 7) Kokam 8)cardamom 9) Kokam 10) Pineapple

( We can develop a spices farming model with respectable consumers who buy the farm.)

Note – Our articles explaining our vision of farmland development in relation to the various agricultural opportunities in our concept “ साद देती शेतीच्या संधी ” This is a detailed article on our blog that you must read before buying a farm.

Herbal farming

The Western Ghats of Konkan are rich in a wide variety of herbs. We can do many of these herbs in the field. There is also a subsidy of at least 40 percent to 100 percent for this farm from the Herb Corporation. Herbal crops can include Maca, Holy Basil, Sagar Kota Fruit, Kadlavi, Arjuna, Neem, Brahmi, Shatavari, Aloe Vera, like this hundreds of such plants can be included. We have linked the herbicide website for information for your extensive information.