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"A new ideas for agriculture – Kokanbag "

You are the owner of land and we are the developers

We support the purchase of farmland by investing in agricultural land in Konkan and for those wishing to do crop production or commercial farming. We not only give you the wonderful idea of ​​a farmhouse, but we also maintain it by developing a farmhouse.

Aspiring youth from Konkan Prof. Mahesh Laxman Palsuledesai, a young man, has developed an innovative concept called Kokanbagh. Mr. Mahesh Palsudesai’s firm’ name “Navjivan Agro support services and consultancy” is a respected name for anyone from across the world who is passionate about farming, wants to purchase and cultivate farmland in Kokan.

We help develop farmland according to the concept of owner and the investor and their objective of cultivating farmland with commercial vegetable crops including Alphonso mangoes, cashew, kokum, coconut, various spice crops, and fruits, flourishing and promoting investment with tax saving is at the heart of the Konkan garden.

Mahesh Palasuledesai profile Vision of Renewal Agro Firm

Our Plans

Kokanbag Concept

He scorched the sky with a smell of clay,
The odor of the earth was tinted blue..
- ( Poet Vidyadhar Karandikar – Kankavali Dist. Sindhudurg )

Konkan is a region inhabited with its beauty and nature and in this Kokan the dream comes true. The name of this dream is Kokanbagh, Kokanbagh Residence. The Konkan Bagh Residence, where there is a quiet place to invest in commercial farming in Konkan by buying land or living in retirement. In this Konkanbag, you can cultivate as you wish. It will be possible for us to cooperate in this Konkanbag with our own cultivation.

Our Features

  • 1) Social linkages and employment oriented agriculture to contract farming.
  • 2) Healthy agriculture without the use of chemical fertilizers, sprays and toxic pesticides.
  • 3) Investor owns it and beneficial farming options with rights.
  • 4) Dedicated to Successful Marketing of Investor Fields under the guidance of Renowned Experts, Scientists.
  • 5) Innovative employment-oriented social and business projects for all, agriculture, farmers, consumers.

Our Products