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About Us

Navajivan Agro Support Services & Consultancy

The firm is founded by Mahesh Laxman Palsuledesai which is located in village Ratnagiri district Konkan. Mr. Mahesh Navjivan Vikas Seva Sanstha is the chairperson of this NGO and they are very closely related to various services. But while working in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, many people in the community found that they wanted various services on a commercial basis. Mr. Mahesh, along with his family, took up the unemployed and talented young men of his locality and started doing agriculture and various other activities of animal husbandry on a commercial basis. In this work he associated many with us. Mr. Mahesh laid the foundation of this business by building a chain of crop experts, soil testing laboratory, various contractors.

His own strength is Kokum (Ratamba) with cash crops like mango and cashew nuts. Mahesh's main task is to make farming as per his mind by creating various productive crops, including pineapple, papaya, spices, etc. with coconut, chiku crops.

Kokanbagh today and tomorrow!

Sitting in a well-known resort in a very quiet and scenic location. The front was wide. Developing a beautiful western style, the cottage was developed with a beautiful design on the balcony. The area of ​​the area was around 5 acres. As I move around in various places like western bungalows, studio apartments, community club houses, temples, I was wondering how easy it would be to get together? How much money to start with? How did the entrepreneur raise such a huge amount?

The questions in the mind were not exhausted and their answers were not answered. In the evening, however, a worker told his master's success story. (In his opinion, he only knew this success story, and he did not forget to say a sentence that I did not want to tell anyone.) The developer's father was employed in a government department. Recognizing their son's tendency, they had been watching the meadow outside the village since then. The foresight of the matter was very good. Owners of this nest, they made land purchases one by one. The period when the industry did not look at the purchase of land from 1959 to 1959, when no one knew the value of the land. These matters were purchased and kept in the same place, this forest. So everyone got mad about this, why is it a landlord? In this land, pigs, puppies, dogs will not go, what will Dad do? And so on.

During this period, Baba borrowed jewelry, borrowed his government account, (in all legitimate ways, he raised capital in the prevalent language.) While raising this capital, Baba had to deal with abusive situations many times. Baba was not a conspirator, but he realized the importance of the land. They continued their tireless journey until they achieved their objective. He often suffered financial distress, was a little stressed out while running a family, but suffered early. About a hundred acres of land was named after them. These stocks returned again to make the story of the North permanent. His experiments on this ancestral farm began. He combines any vegetable, crop, orchard with natural methods, organic method and two methods. Today, the success stories of their fields are a topic of discussion. They do not even have the PKK share. Home-grown tourists leave the field produce on the go. The couple has not been judged on any single product market today.

Given this growing demand, now Mr. The pair are busy working on a new farm. The work of plowing, improving the texture of the land, building of fields and fields are in progress. Mr. The couple began to work very happily, just as they would at a wedding. After looking at the photos taken by their father, I thought that they had a good excuse. Even though Dad is no longer alive, both of them feel the same way.

That is the reason why I tell you this success story. Often the meaning of a story is told. Although not stated, a person who has an ear for reading or an eye for a reading does not have to explain the meaning of this story separately. It is true that land prices increase over time. The fact that land investment is never wasted. It is a penance to develop seven times. Baba took the land, Mulan developed it. The story does not end there. Today, many investors sign a contract with a child. Forty acres out of a hundred acres are being developed and sold at a rate twice as high as the rest of the land. The story of another such tourist destination is equally remarkable. Strange because this sightseeing was not built overnight. Going by the streets of this tourist attraction, it seemed to be a pane for many years.

On this board, the names of the proprietors of the property should be ascertained and it is written below, that their property is the property of anybody. (The Konkan lands are a joke, with all the properties revolving around the term occupation and ancestry.) This is a green resort in Konkan today.

....... Developing a property....Bring brand......Investing in property...... Property Development & Marketing......How about engaging a person....... The question is just how we want to look..... Get involved or get out of this......Everyone has to go down this route whether they have bought property assets or bought property documents. In many cases, I will write down my thoughts and experiences.

(Request to congregations or readers who read my article, when you read this article, please do not associate the name of any resort or the owner of this article. If you find some useful, similar looking farm, it is not a coincidence but the story of all the entrepreneurs who are buying and developing land in Konkan starts with such an excitement and all the journey starts with the same difference.)