Our Schemes For Your Land Purchase

Our Schemes For Your Land Purchase

1)100 Acers Club member. (Hundred Acres Farm Club )


"Kokanbagh" The green dream we saw about 10 years ago by the Navajivan team! When we dreamed, there wasn't even an acre of land under our feet. Today, after almost 10 years, we have come to around 5 acres. We have 3 members. Our members who reside across the seven seas Thane, Bhopal, Pune, Mumbai, Singapore, Denmark and Dubai, showed faith in our Navajivan team and bought land from us, took membership of our Kokanbagh.

You too can be a member of our Hundred Acres Club. We plan to purchase at least half an acre to a maximum of two acres or land according to your budget and entrust us with all the next responsibility! Today, those who bought us farms had their fields blossomed, flourished, and now Kokanbag is in shape! You too can become a member of our Konkanbag family by purchasing land, you can share your concept of farming with our able team. We have different options for buying different farmland. Think of this as our next invitation ... Come on then .... When are you going to be a member of the Hundred Acres Club?

2)Sunday Farmers Club

We include members of our "Sunday Farmers" club who are unable to come to the field every day or for a few days. The Sunday Farmer's Club is a farm club for those who enjoy the farm on a Saturday or Sunday or a holiday! The villages are now closer because of the Konkan Railway. Whether it is modern high-speed rail trains like the Tejas Express or the Rajdhani Express, we can reach farms in Konkan from any corners of India within a day. (Prof. Mahesh has come to Panaji from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Chennai, etc. and reached his farm by evening Konkan Kanya train.)

Konkan Railway and the airlines will soon work in sync. If you can come to your farm this way within a day, spend the next two holidays on the farm, participate in all activities, participate in the activities of your farm, understand the farm and give it to the members of Sunday Farmers. We invite you to join us in this concept.

3)Spice Garden Club

Masalabagh Project in Konkan fertile soils

Konkan is actually Kerala, Madras, Tamil Nadu ....! In the Konkan soil, spices including coconut, betel nut, cucumber and cucumber bear good fruit, bloom and germinate. It is proven that spice cultivation is a viable alternative to Konkan’s mango, nuts and rice. Dr. Balasaheb Sawant from Kokan Agriculture University has proved that Spices farming is possible in Kokan. We can cultivate blackberry, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, coconut, betel nut and other spices in the land that you have purchased. With your willpower, patience and other natural resources, we can successfully do spice farming.

This is the best alternative in buying a farmland in Kokan.

4)Family adoption of parents

Oldage House Needs Modern Options.

Our innovative plan is for those parents who have children or relatives in foreign countries, foreigners, parents or a straight-blooded uncle or a parent to be in solitude at home, or for those who care about them. You buy land for your parents and relax. Our new venture that we can take care of your parents, we will take care of them, we will take care of them in Konkan fields. Our Kokanbagh family is always getting inquiries, many of whom have inquired about what we can do for the parents. Your parents are welcome ot this parent adoption plan.