• Is manpower service delivery plan available in Maharashtra?

    Not at all. Manpower service delivery of new life is our method of working 20 km. The circumference is limited. We provide this service for the land and projects you purchase through our consulting services.

  • What services does provide from Navajivan Agro Support Services & Consultancy firm?

    Navajivan Agro Support Services & Consultancy this firm developing a project plan for development projects, cultivating crops on purchased land, sowing, planting, management, manpower supply, services are provided by our firm for storing and selling the incoming crops, adding value as needed to the crops that are available.

  • Which crop is purchased by the firm to help in the purchased farmland by the Navjeejan firm?

    On the farmland purchased through our firm, we are assisted in obtaining traditional Alphonso mango and other mango crop varieties, cashew nuts, amla, Chiku, coconut, various spice crops, papaya, drumsticks and pineapple, turmeric and vegetable crops etc.

  • Is the investment in capital purchased on a farm owned by a freshman?

    Not at all. There is no financial or capital investment from Naveejivan for agricultural projects being purchased through Naveejivan.

  • Are there facilities to make agriculture tourism projects come through Navjeevan?

    Yes, we can provide a variety of help for such tourism projects with a reputable consulting services agency to make agricultural tourism projects a reality. We can provide the land needed for such projects in our area.

  • What type of crop is most suitable for the Konkan land, especially the farmland suggested by the Navjeevan?

    The production capacity of the land purchased through us is good for the crops mentioned in Question. It is suggested by us that the results of Konkan Agricultural University are being researched and published by Konkan Agricultural University.

  • Which type of farming is more reliable through Navjeevan firm?

    Our firms non-toxic and spray-free natural farming and high reliance on cow-based farming.

  • What is the concept of Goshala based or cow-centered agriculture?

    Goshala based and cow concentrated natural farming is non-toxic as well as non-chemical spraying. This is the concept of spiritual and sacrificial agriculture. We recommend this method if our landlord insists on this method.

  • Does Navjivan have any plans to add value to the produce produced in the Kokanbagh concept?

    Yes, production growth can be achieved by adding value to the crops of mango, cashew nuts, amala, pineapple, drumsticks, and papaya. Navjivan has plans to make agriculture viable by adding value of mango juice, cashew nuts, cashew syrup, pickles, muranba, jam, jelly, leaf powder, oil production etc.

  • Is Navjeevan firm going to be in the field of exporting goods?

    We are looking forward to exporting goods, by consultation with all of our land buyers.

  • How will trained manpower be made available for the Kokanbagh project fields or for the development projects that are coming up?

    Self-help groups, unemployed youths, skilled craftsmen and trained congregations in our area will be used for our project work.

  • How will the cooperation of local farmers and villagers be available for the planned development projects that are being accomplished through Navjeeva?

    Employment will be provided to local congregations as per the requirement and permanently on our agricultural development projects. If the villagers are convinced that something is happening here, we will get good cooperation from the villagers.

  • Whether investing in manufactured goods and products, will the investor invest in the profit of the produce produced?

    Not at all, the Naveejivan firm works by charging your consulting and service fees and is interested in doing the work. We do not ask for a share of the profits generated from investor investment.

  • Is there any solution if investor land is being encroached upon?

    We suggest some legal counseling services for the land purchased through our firm, so that there is no threat to the original ownership and encroachment.

  • Are there loan schemes of Government banks for development of farm land? If the buyer can avail it?

    Yes. Public and private banks' agricultural credit plans are available for farmland purchased through our firm. Our clients can avail of these loan schemes. Whatever the Government's grant schemes may be, it can also be taken advantages.